Licence to use the Certification Mark and Certificate

After the granting of the Quality System Conformity Certificate, the Client may use the AA Certification Conformity Mark for Quality Systems as well as the UKAS mark on documents, advertising material etc.

The use of the AA Certification and UKAS marks is voluntary. It is not allowed to use the AA Certification and UKAS marks on the products or their primary packaging, or make misleading statements in regard to certification.

The AA Certification conformity mark for quality systems is the exclusive property of AA Certification. The mark may appear in its original colours or Black/Grey.  The following restrictions apply: -

  1. The dark and light variation between text and the remainder of the mark should be preserved.
  2. The mark should not be altered in any way.  The accreditation mark (UKAS LOGO) must not be used without the certification mark (AAC LOGO).
  3. The marks shall normally have a minimum height (excluding the accreditation number) of 20 mm.  If due to limitations of space a reduction is required, the proportions must be maintained, and the mark must be legible.
  4. The mark may be used on correspondence, advertising and promotion, but only as this relates to the Client, locations and scope of registered activities that are detailed on a Client certificate of registration.
  5. The mark must not be used to imply we have certified Client products and must not be used on laboratory or other test certificate issued by certified Client.
  6. The accreditation mark must not be used on flags, buildings or vehicle.
  7. The accreditation mark must not be used for promotional items such as diaries and calendars.
  8. Clients certified by AA Certification Ltd shall be issued a certification mark (AAC LOGO) without the UKAS logo for use on flags, buildings and vehicles if required.

The Client commits itself to stop the use of the AA Certification conformity mark for quality systems if it is justifiably asked to do so by AA Certification or when the validity period of the corresponding Quality System Conformity Certificate expires.

When the scope of application of the Quality System Conformity Certificate and the UKAS certificate cover only part of the products and services or part of the Clients activities, the Quality system of the Client must contain a reference and the Client is obliged to notify this fact to its clients, in cases of supply of products and services not included in the scope of certification of the Quality System Conformity Certificate and the UKAS certificate. The notification must be carried out before the order of the respective products and services.

In order to ensure the proper implementation of the above paragraph the holder of the AA Certification conformity mark for quality systems and the UKAS mark is obliged to place in the AA Certification's disposal all documents/records and places where they intend to place it as well as all advertisement material, which will refer to and to ask for its approval, before their use. The non-fulfillment of this requirement and every misuse of the AA Certification conformity mark for quality systems is a reason for AA Certification to take the measures, described in the present Terms and Conditions of registration / contract.

Incorrect references to the certification system, certification marks or misleading use of certificates in advertisements, sales brochures, etc. are not acceptable.

Neither the Marks nor the Certificate may be used in any way which is unacceptable to AA Certification or bring AA Certification into disrepute or even report in a misleading manner. AA Certification requires the Client to work within its activities (as defined in its scope) for which it has been granted certification / registration. Failure to comply could lead to suspension / termination of certification if not duly notified by the Client of any changes to its scope.

AA Certification may revoke the Auditee's licence to use the Marks and terminate the Certificate if the Auditee or the Client fails to comply with any of these terms and conditions, or if the Client becomes bankrupt or makes an arrangement with its creditors or enters into liquidation (except for purposes of reconstruction) or has a receiver appointed, or if the Client fails to pay fees in due time, or if AA Certification loses its relevant accreditation.

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AAC Worldwide Services

AA Certification Limited now have offices in the USA and Germany