Check An AAC Certificate


Checking the validity of an organisation's certificate

If you believe an organisation may be illegitimately using AAC's logos, we encourage you to contact our head office and report it.

Terminating Certification - What does it mean?

AAC has a diverse client base with certificates issued in many different industries, however from time to time some of our clients choose to terminate certification, so what does this mean?

When an organisation holds valid certification this demonstrates that they conform to the standard listed, however, this is subject to successful annual surveillance visits from an AAC auditor; when certification is either suspended by AAC or terminated by the client organisation the organisation is no longer subject to these visits; therefore it can not be assumed that the organisation still conforms to the given standard and the certificate is rendered invalid.


What should an organisation do when certification is terminated?

After a decision to terminate certification by either the client organisation or AAC has been made, the organisation should remove any certificates from display at both physical locations and on other media platforms. In addition to this, any AAC logos or UKAS logos used in conjunction with AAC logos should be removed from all media platforms including stationary and literature to mitigate the risk of false advertisement.


Terminated Certification

Below is a list of organisations that have held certification with AAC which has since been terminated:




Modern Factory For Steel Industries Co. Ltd
PO Box 69136
2nd Industrial City
Dammam 31547
Saudi Arabia
Balhamer Aluminum Extrusion Factory

PO Box 4667
Saudi Arabia